Be it strolling in the part or shopping in a mall, carrying baby in your arms can drain out all your energy. And moreover, if you are doing it daily for too many hours then it can cause pain in back, shoulders, and arms.

The best possible way to cut the weight and enjoy the walk/shopping is – BABY STROLLERS.

Though they are a bit expensive investment, baby strollers can last very long – from infants to till they walk on their own.

But the tricky part is to purchase the right one. While a good baby stroller can make your life easier, a bad one can end up being an extra chore and waste investment.

While purchasing a baby strollers, you may have to look at some factors like comfort, ease of operation, brakes, portability, compactness, brakes and several others. If you have no idea about them, we recommend reading our “BUYING GUIDE” – it contains all the information in detail that helps you with the same.

However if you haven’t got much time then you can rely on the BEST BABY STROLLERS IN INDIA list picked by our expert team after a lot of research, reviews from parents and testing. Just below the list, we have clearly described about the product, its effectiveness and why we choose it.

First position in our list is taken by a famous brand – LuvLap. The products from this brand are made by using latest marvels of science and undergo several rigorous quality checks before hitting the market. Quality is the reason they this brand is very known and popular in the baby gear industry.

This Sunshine Baby Stroller among their product range offers top notch performance. It has 3 position seat recline which means that the stroller seat can be adjusted in 3 different positions – sit, sleep or relax.

If you are a mom looking to purchase a color that goes with your style, then LuvLap offers this stroller in 18 different colors – so you have all the freedom to purchase the one as per your color requirement.

It comes with a reversible handlebar that allows the baby to face the parents while strolling. This stroller has 3-point safety harness like the first one that keeps the baby secure in the stroller and can be used for the children of an age in between 0-36 months.

If you want a stroller with brakes in both the front and back wheels, then this is for you since it is equipped with brakes both in front and rear wheels that makes it easy to stop the stroller. It is equipped with adjustable footrest like the first one, to provide comfort to the baby in sleeping and sitting positions.

It has a looking window in canopy that helps to keep an eye on the child while strolling, and features large basket unlike the first one, for storing valuables. It is enabled with a mosquito net to protect the baby from bites. It weighs around 7.15 kgs and makes it very convenient for the parents to operate.

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