If you’re planning to get a microwave oven, go ahead and choose a Convection Micro Oven.

Here’s why we are confident it’s the right choice:

Convection Ovens can perform all of the five most important cooking functions – Baking, Grilling, Cooking, Heating and Defrosting. Because of this flexibility, these cost between Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 25,000

The general rule of thumb for choosing the right capacity is:

21 to 30 Liters for 2- 4 users

32 Liters for 4 users and above.

Apart from capacity, here’s what you should look for:
Easy Access Cooking Buttons
Power Consumption
Higher wattage for faster cooking
Brand credibility, Warranty, and Service.
If you have limited usage like reheating, defrosting, etc then, solo microwaves are the right choice. These cost between Rs. 3000 – Rs. 8000. This is ideal for offices or limited usage at home.

Confused between convection and solo? Check out our “Buying Guide” for a detailed explanation & comparison.

We have tested over 18 different products and combined our research with customer reviews from all over India. The results show that these are the 8 best microwaves that you should choose from:

bread machines

Convection microwaves are the right choice if you are in the market for proper microwave. It is more desirable is due to the fact that they not only provide the features of a normal microwave like reheating, defrosting and cooking but also come with the option of:

Roasting and
Frying etc.
These extra features can make a lot of difference. Here are our top picks when it comes to the best convection microwave ovens in India.

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