Induction cooktops have become quite popular in India – as it reduces the cooking time by 50%. Because in induction cooktops, heat is generated within the vessel – which prevents heat loss and lets the food cook quickly.

As the food is cooked within less amount of time, operational and maintenance costs are much lesser compared to LPG gas stoves and electric cookers. As the heat emission is also very less, you will experience a convenient cooking environment.

Most of the Induction cooktops present in India come with single cooking zone.

While purchasing an induction cooktop, wattage is the first important factor to consider. Basic thumb rule is – more the wattage, faster will the cooking time. Induction cooktops with 2000 Watts power consumption are the best suited for Indian cooking.

Apart from that, auto-shut off, pan detection, child-lock safety are other factors to consider – which are provided with detail information in our “BUYING GUIDE“.

If you haven’t got much time, then simply dive into the list of Top 7 Best induction Cook tops India to pick the right one for home needs.

Philips is one of the best-selling and widely accepted household brands in the Indian market. Viva collection is an assortment of highly efficient products from Philips.

The HD4928/01 model of Viva collection is a sleek and stylish cooktop with microcrystal plate. Being compact and portable, it won’t take much of your kitchen counter space. This product is specifically designed to retain the nutrients and vitamins present in the food.

It has 1.2-meter-long cord which provides enough flexibility to move the cooktop as necessary. This induction cooktop comes with 6 preset menus which help you in cooking certain Indian dishes. All you have to do is add all the ingredients, place the pan on induction cooktop, select your choice and leave it. It will cook and automatically shut-off after the dish is finished.

This product comes with a cool touch start which provides safer and no-flame cooking feature, preventing even minute chances of getting hurt.

Auto-off program turns off the device to cooks the food safely without spoiling. Moreover, it consumes 2100watts power to cook the food in less time. To add on, the product is backed with 1 year of manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.

If budget is not a constraint and if you want an upgraded model of this induction cooktop, then take a look at Philips Viva Collection HD4929. Though most of the features are similar, it has 10 preset Indian menus.

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