If you are totally new to cooking, or lead a very busy life then an electric rice cooker is what you should have. Moreover, they are quick and easy to use, and do not need too much of your attention, compared to vessel cooking.

These cookers are multi-taskers, and can be used for steaming vegies, preparing soups, making instant noodles, and more. In addition to that they are affordable ranging between Rs. 800 to 2000, and saves a lot of your time.

Here are some important points to hover over before choosing an electric rice cooker:

Capacity: 1 to 1.5 liter electric cooker is ideal for a family of 2 to 3 members.
Look for an electric cooker with a detachable power cord, to be able to take it and place it anywhere
Ensure better warranty period offered, as the longer the warranty, the better the product
After speaking to a number of consumers, we have jotted down the best products in this table, and have written their reviews as well.

To help you be buy the best electric rice cooker, we have with us the “Buying Guide”, after reading which decision making will be a cake-walk for you.

Since its inception a decade ago, Prestige brand has been super consistent in providing quality, performance and innovative products to its consumers across India. It has even received several awards in its area of retail for its quality and performance.

Among their product range, PRWO Delight has grabbed first position in our list of best electric rice cookers in India. This electric rice cooker offers more than just cooking rice. It is capable of cooking porridge, soup, stew, idlis, steam veggies, pulao and other dishes in the most convenient way.

This electric cooker has the capacity of cooking 1 kg of rice at a time. The aluminum cooking pan is specially designed to distribute the heat efficiently and evenly. An additional cooking pan is provided for more cooking convenience.

These cooking pans can be stacked easily for easy and convenient storage. It comes with a high quality stainless steel lid with a vent to let the steam escape. The cooking pans are suitable for cooking and serving as well.

It consumes 700Watts of power so doesn’t much affect your electricity bills. This electric rice cooker comes with a control switch that automatically turns off and shifts to keep the cooked rice warm. It also comes with indicators that let you know when it is cooking mode and when it is in warm mode.

The double wall body of this electric rice cooker keeps the handles cool to touch and easy to carry. The handles of this appliance are quite sturdy and durable. It comes with a detachable cord which makes the electric cooker portable and convenient.

A scoop spoon and also a measuring cup are provided along with the cooker. The handle is designed to hold the scoop and easier to hold the after cooked hot utensil. Manufacturer provides 1-year warranty on product physical damages and malfunctions.

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